It’s funny what you can get your kids to do for you at a young age.  I’m not against dangling a reward out there in order to motivate them:

“Landon, I’ll give you one Hershey kiss if you put your and Brooksie’s underwear and socks away in your rooms.”
“If you have green (which at school means great) behavior all week, we’ll watch a dino YouTube video on Friday.”
“Brooks, you can stay up an extra 15 minutes and snuggle with dad in bed if you eat all your dinner with great manners and without goofing around.”

I know, they are 3 and 5 so it’s easy right now.  But I was thinking about how I’ll have to revisit my negotiations with my kids as they grow:

Ages 10-12
“If you try hard at your ball game and don’t give up, we’ll hit Red Robin on the way home.”
“If you keep your room clean all week, and get your homework done each day after school, we’ll go to Carowinds this weekend.”

Ages 16-18
“If you get all A’s and B’s this semester you can go to that summer camp you’ve been asking about.”
“If you follow through on your 20 hours of charity-service this month, we’ll get you those expensive sneakers you’ve been eyeing.”
“If you get a scholarship to college, we’ll get you a car.”

Who knows what the bribes motivators will really be, but I can almost guarantee that a Hershey kiss isn’t going to get me very far for many more years!


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