Life as a 5 year old – Landon

When they were little, I used to track the boys every few months with their routines, favorite things and any funny stories.  Now that they’re older and our routines are pretty similar all the time, I hardly post updates on what they’re doing.  Until today!

Landon – at 5 1/2, this crazy boy is full of energy and loves being outside.  He is sweet, patient, a rule follower, funny, hardworking, caring and awesome.

His favorites:
food – pizza, hamburgers, nuggets, fruit, yogurt, bagels (with cream cheese!), foods you dip and any and all kinds of treats

activities – baseball (catch and hitting with dad in the backyard), riding his bike – he really loves it since he lost his training wheels a month or so ago, swimming (with a floating device!), racing, dance parties, playing with his cousins, he also is very into art and creating abstract pictures or drawing things that actually look like what he says they are!

learning – he has really started picking up on his reading and is doing well sounding out 3-4 letter words.  Still a beginning reader but to know where he was in January to now, he’s really grown so much!  He’s also memorized a bunch of sight words and bible verses.  I cannot believe that in less than a month, he’ll be in KINDERGARTEN – agghhhh!

color – teal
friend – Harleigh (with Julia his best non-family friend)
comfort item – his blue blankie
future job – he wants to do construction work (wants to drive a digger/backhoe) or drive a garbage truck – Mom is thinking he’ll be in sales because he loves to negotiate anything – gets it from his PAPA! (punishment, rewards, bedtime, play activities, etc)

I cannot wait to go on our special “You’re going to be in kindergarten” trip with this boy next month. He is such an important part of our family and he really bridges the gap between mom and dad’s “adultness” and Brooksie’s little “boyness” because he can be young and playful but also introspective and almost adult-like.

This 5 year old is the steady in our family.



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