Life as a 3 year old – Brooks

When they were little, I used to track the boys every few months with their routines, favorite things and any funny stories.  Now that they’re older and our routines are pretty similar all the time, I hardly post updates on what they’re doing.  I posted an update on Landon yesterday and today it’s Brooks’ turn!

Brooks – at 3 1/2, he brings the excitement to our foursome. This boy has no fear, is so tough, and is also so cuddly. He’s a compassionate, fun-loving, smart, rule-breaker.

His favorites:
food – PB&J, waffles, nuggets, spaghetti, fruit, yogurt, and dessert! That boy can kill an ice cream cone!

activities – swings, playing on the slides, learning how to catch with his glove, riding his bike, swimming (with a floating device!), playing with cars, trucks, dinos, etc., watching YouTube videos (of dinos), loves playing the matching game and is REALLY good at it!

learning – this boy is a dino-machine. He knows the names of so many dinos and will often tell you if they like plants or like to eat people (i.e. meat eaters), when a dino shows up on tv or somewhere -he’ll say – “look at that Anklyosaurus, Gallimymus, Pteranadon, etc.”  He just knows them all. We also practice our bible verses. Not as much as we used to but mom needs to get on that!  He knows how to do some counting and easy subtraction (i.e. you have 5 cucumbers and you eat 2, how many are left)

color – green or orange – depending on the day
friend – Lawson and Isla – he and his cousins are forever playing together at school
comfort item – his green blankie, and lately he’s been into having a rotation of “lovies” during bedtime.
future job – he likes the idea of a garbage truck and I recently explained to him about what a paleontologist does and so that seems to be his favorite future career for now!

He is such a special boy who has grown so much this year. I am shocked at how much his listening and obedience has picked up over the summer.  He’s really worked on it and I can tell.  I’m so proud of him for his fearlessness in life. He is so confident and fun, he’s going to be popular with the guys and the ladies some day! He’s just so loveable. And I give him more kisses than appropriate at bedtime each night because he’s such a sweet thing!

This 3 year old brings the excitement in our family.



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