Recipe: Meatball sub – on a stick

It can be a challenge to keep my meals fun and kid friendly.  And I don’t make all our meals “fun” but I know how much my kids enjoy things like food on a stick or finger foods, so on occasion, I try hard to make the meal more exciting for them.

This is one of those meals.


Meatball Subs – on a stick

First, you need a super helper.  Get that super helper to put three meatballs on a stick.  (These were the precooked frozen ones and I just heated them in the skillet so they got a little browned, by the time we started, they were barely warm so they weren’t hot to handle.)


Next take a package of croissants and use 1/2 of a croissant triangle (just ripped in half down the long side so I had two long dough ribbons) to wrap around the balls.


Then bake in a preheated oven (350°). I did them for about 15 mins.  Just until they are golden and the meatballs are heated up.


Then serve with some warmed marinara mixed with a few tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese.


I thought about doing some mozzarella tucked into the dough before I wrapped them, but it didn’t seem like it would work well with the amount of dough I was using.

The kids loved this fun take on meatball subs and ate them right up!


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