Schools in!

I cannot believe that my little boy starts kindergarten in just two weeks. The little man who made me a momma is about to knock the socks off his teachers with great manners, hard work and a loving spirit.

And I know there are some big changes in store:

We now have to plan our vacations around the school schedule.

We’ll have to block off homework time every night.

We have to learn the bus schedule.

We have to learn all new names for the kids and parents in his class. (After three years in the same pre-K, we know all the faces, we are friendly with the parents and now we’ll have to start from scratch because his pre-K friends are all heading to other schools.)

We bought a new backpack.

We bought non-high-water clothes. (This kid grows like crazy!)

We started practicing on the computer – something I never did as a kindergartener but what they recommend before starting school.

We worked on sight words over the summer, hoping to have a little bit of a headstart for the year.

And we’ve booked some awesome two-on-one time with our little boy to celebrate this huge milestone.

I’m so proud of this guy and I know he is giddy about the start of something new and exciting!

Kindergarten, here he comes…



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