Sleep is the best reset.

Sleep is the best reset, isn’t it.

There is something about a good night of sleep that let’s you recharge and refresh your mind.  And I need that at times.

I need a reset after a hard day at work – when deals fall off track or delays pop up.

I need a reset after a trying evening with my kids – when dinner is a disaster and there is just extra whiny-ness in the air.

I need a reset after a disagreement with my husband – time to gain some new perspective and think about things from his point of view.

I need a reset after a busy day – when the schedule is packed and we go from event to event.

Sleep is the best reset button for me.  I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I didn’t have a daily “start over” – how long could my grouchiness/short-temper last if I let it – if I didn’t have the sleep buffer to start me back at 0 each day?

And while I don’t always wake up as bright-eyed and excited to face the day as my kids do, I definitely wake up with a feeling that I get to start from scratch. I get a new day to make memories with my kids. A new day to offer grace and patience to those around me. Another day to try again in the areas I failed yesterday. Another day to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, co-worker, friend I can be.


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