What I’ll miss by not having a daughter.

I love my boys. I’m the momma of two awesome boys and I think that I have the perfect personality to raise boys. But before I had kids, I always thought two boys and a girl was my ideal situation.  There is something that is special about the relationship between a girl and her mom. And I love the relationship I have with my mom – it’s just different that the relationship that my brother and mom have and I think a lot of that has to do with being the same gender and relating to many of the same things.

So here are the things I think I’m going to miss out on by not having a little girl:

  1. Planning a wedding. I always envisioned planning a wedding with my little girl and watching her try on white gowns, help with the seating chart and plan DIY crafts for the reception.
  2. Passing along my recipes. Not to say that boys don’t hang in the kitchen, but typically the dishes that are served in my family are the recipes I learned from my mom and extended family.
  3. Hitting the salon. I like to get a mani-pedi once or twice a year and always envisioned that one day I’d take my daughter with me and we’d do a day date out of it.
  4. Cute clothes. Little girl dresses and shoes are so cute.  And I don’t even dress up my boys – except to go to weddings and special events – but I will miss not hitting the dress aisle for prom or back-to-school shopping with her. And in the future, I won’t have a daughter that I can share shoes and dresses with like I did with my mom!
  5. Mother-daughter friendship. I really appreciate the time that I get to spend just being friends with my mom. And that’s not to say I won’t be a friend of my boys, but especially after becoming a mom myself, I really have come to appreciate the role she played in my development and it’s something that I think would be a sweet dynamic if I had my own daughter.

Yes, I am so very glad for my boys – for their roughness and silliness, for the way they love monsters and trucks, and for the way that I am the only special girl in their life.  But there is just a teensy piece of my heart that knows it’s going to miss out on some of these special mother-daughter activities.



  1. Ging this was very sweet. I thought of all the funny silly times we had throughout your life that just made me start to laugh. I hope to always keep creating some of those cherished memories. Thanks for rekindling some of those special thoughts.

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