I came upon an old paci of Landon’s this week.  He was very particular about his paci’s and would only take a certain one.  In emergencies, we tried other kinds but he’d just scream and spit it out.

Finding that paci reminded me of all the things I don’t even realize I already miss as my boys are getting bigger.

Their train tracks.  Landon used to love making long winding paths for his trains but neither of my children have touched them in the past year.

Their baby bottles.  As much as a pain as it was to wash all 4 parts of those Dr. Brown’s bottles, I miss the sweet cuddles that came along with giving my little boys a bottle. Before they could hold it by themselves.  When they were still just baby blobs who needed help doing everything.

Their strollers.  We haven’t used a stroller (with the exception of an occasional jog) in so long. There were so many miles put on the umbrella stroller and sit and stand stroller when they were younger. We’d take almost-nightly walks through the neighborhood where they’d point out every dog in the street and every airplane in the sky.

Diaper butts.  Granted both my kids still wear diapers to bed, but there is something sweet about having a big diaper popping out of your kids little onesie as they scoot around the floor.

Falling asleep in your arms.  I miss the occasional arm nap.  I remember being in those moments when it was a daily requirement to carry a sleeping baby around and I remember thinking I couldn’t wait for them to be able to sleep out of my arms.  Now, I’d love for a day or two where I had a sleeping baby who wanted to nap in the crook of my arm.

Funny how you don’t realize you are missing out on things until you really think back to what life used to be like.

I think it would be so sweet to live life for a week with my boys at age 6 mos, 1 year and 2 years old again.  Now that I know what their personalities are like, I’d love to see how many glimpses of 5 year old Landon or 3 year old Brooks I’d see in their younger versions.


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