DIY: Nursery Initial Art

We all know I love a quick DIY project.  When I found out one of my friends was naming her son Colin Charles (and their last name also starts with C), the first thing I thought of was “C3” – kinda like RG3. Instead of getting the usual onesie or rattle, I decided to get a little more crafty with my baby gift.

Here’s what I came up with:

C3 tab

I chose orange and gray because she said those were her nursery colors.

It was super simple to make. Here’s how it came together:

1/Here’s what I started with. A wooden “canvas”, a wooden ‘C’ and then a small wooden ‘B’.  Why a ‘B’ you ask? Well, I couldn’t find any small letters, so I figured I could cut the side off of the ‘B’ and turn it into a ‘3’.  I just did this with a serrated kitchen knife. Then I sanded the edges to round them out.
2/ Here’s what the 3 looked like after it was cleaned up.
3/ I painted my C and 3 different shades of orange with craft paint I had on hand.  Then I painted the wood background white. I just used wall paint with primer built in.  I’m sure spray paint would also be awesome to use or craft paint. I wanted to use what I had.  After the white dried for 24 hours, I taped off lines so that I could add the gray stripes.  To figure out the distance between my stripes, I actually traced my background panel and tried out some different sketches on the cardboard. Once I was satisfied with the distances, I made little, tiny marks down both sides of the panel and then taped across. I think I ended up doing 1.5″ gray stripes with 1″ white stripes (which worked well since the painters tape was 1″ thick).


4/ I painted a couple coats of gray.
5/ Then immediately took off the tape to see my stripes.
6/ The last step was just using wood glue to attach the C and 3. I laid them out first to confirm my spacing without glue and then once I felt good about it, I added the glue and let it sit for 12 hours (overnight) just to make sure it dried completely.


I think it turned out cute.  And here is a pic my friend texted of it hanging in her nursery:

C3 final

What other gifts have you given in lieu of the usual baby outfit or toy?


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