I love…

I love that we’ve had a couple cooler mornings recently, reminding me that fall is right around the corner. I love fall.

I love when I head to the ‘expensive’ nearby grocery store for two quick things and they both happen to be on sale.

I love a random, unexpected note of encouragement/text from my husband.

I love when my kids use great manners without any prompting. “Yes ma’am, mom. I’ll do it.”

I love when I go to check on the kids and find that Brooks has snuck into bed with his brother and is tucked under his arm.

I love my husband with two days of facial hair – a solid 5 o’clock shadow.

I love freshly showered little boys snuggled with mom and dad in the big bed reading a bedtime story.

I love a great date night. Recipe = fun + humor + hot date + good food

I love when I come downstairs to find a clean kitchen.  (Thanks Dishes Fairy!)

I love the excitement on my kids face when we do something extra special and you can tell they feel on top of the world.

I love the drive home after an especially great day at work.

I love car trips with my husband.

I love that my kids live so close to their cousins and family that we get to do extended family activities so often.

What do you love?


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