My boys are dino-holics.  They love dinos.  All kinds. And they know which one is which – Spinosaurus, Diplodicus, T Rex, Pteranadon, etc.

They love to have their dinos play outside with them, watch them eat dinner, come to school for show and tell, watch them in movies, snuggle them in bed, make puzzles out of them.  (I feel like Bubba and his shrimp – shrimp gumbo, shrimp kabobs, shrimp soup…).

During a recent trip to the Steel City – go Steelers! We went to Carnegie Museum to check out their dino exhibit. And my kids were impressed.


There were so many dinos to see. They got to touch/hold dino fossils.  dino1

And they got to dig up bones in a kid-friendly dig site. Complete with safety goggles, chisels and brushes. It was adorable.


My kids keep asking when we can go back. It was such a great learning experience and it was neat for the kids to see how huge dinos really are.


Are your kids super-obsessed with anything right now?


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