Dean Family Tradition: The Kindergarten Trip

While there are some traditions Dean and I grew up with and have incorporated into our family (like halfbirthdays or hiding clues to the big Christmas present), we’ve also tried to make some of our own traditions that hopefully will stick with our boys after they leave the nest and have their own families. One of these traditions is the Kindergarten Trip.

Our first was this year.  This trip is a way to celebrate our almost-Kindergartener on their accomplishment of heading off to school.  We spent a weekend away, just Dean, Landon and I to really focus on our firstborn and the excitement of this upcoming milestone.  We asked Landon what he wanted to do for his weekend away and he said rides and the beach. So of course, the first thing that popped in my head was Myrtle Beach!

This weekend was all about him. He picked everything – from where we stopped for dinner, to the activities we did.  It was a jam packed weekend, but so much fun. And most importantly – he really loved it. He loved being able to pick everything and not compete with anything/anyone else for Dean and I’s attention.

Here’s the recap of what we did:

1/Cruising to the beach.  Super excited about his special “Landon trip” – we’d been counting down the days!
2/ We got started immediately. Upon arrival to our hotel. We put down our luggage and then headed to Friendly’s for big sundaes!
3/Saturday morning we hit the beach early and played in the sand, found seashells and…


4/…buried Landon in the sand!
5/ Then we made time for the hotel pool.
6/ Yes, this kid is mine. We headed out for round 1 of putt putt.  It was Landon’s first time and he actually did really well. He got a hole in one and shot 2’s for each of the last 5 holes!


7/ After that we headed to Broadway at the Beach and Landon and Dean went on a ton of rides. Mom was the official photographer.
8 & 9/ He even did the big ship. It was one of his first rides and he was terrified. That thing went up high for a little boy.


10/ Landon’s favorite things were the swings
11/ And the slide. I think he did the slide about 15 times.
12/ After pizza and mac n cheese dinner (his request) we went for ice cream cones.  Yes it was a crazy weekend! I guess all the rides and treats were too much because about 45 mins after this picture, our happy boy was getting sick.


No worries though because by morning he was ready to go again.  We hit another putt putt joint for Round 2 – again Landon got a hole in one – he gets that from his daddy!

We closed out the trip having such a great time and really enjoying our two on one time with our favorite 5 year old. We talked about our expectations for school and how proud we are of him. We talked about the changes that would be coming and how important it is for him to show extra love to his little brother as we adjust to the new schedule.

13/ #obligatoryselfie
14/ Picking out a gift for brother. Despite the many options – the mail truck won out.
15/ Trying on a new present from mom and dad – his kindergarten backpack!


We sure are proud of this boy and how well he’s already adjusted to his new routine at school. He’s loving it and we know he’ll continue to have a great first year!


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