Credit where credit is due.

As I’ve grown in my walk and spent more time in the bible, I’ve noticed that I started doing a better job of giving credit where credit is due. Even in the little things.


  • Times when I feel like I can’t be the mom I want to be because I’m too impatient/frustrated/controlling, and then I’ll get an out-of-the-blue hug or snuggle that I needed from one of them that just lifts my spirit and reminds me that these little creations were handpicked to be in my world – through the fun moments and the challenging ones.
  • When a friend was diagnosed with cancer, the stories that came out of that experience are truly God stories. The people that were touched by it. The way so many surrounded this person and lifted up their family. And God let me have a front row seat to see this family’s experience – and healing. Wow!
  • When I’m faced with a hard day and I get in the car to my current favorite song to lift my spirit and remind me that He’s in control. Or hearing the perfect song whose lyrics speak to me directly and bring tears to my eyes because they so perfectly encompass what I’m feeling. I know that He sent those “messages” to me to boost my spirit when I needed it.
  • When I get recognition at work for something I worked on, I often immediately give a silent thanks to God for giving me a creative and capable mind to handle the project.
  • On a run where I feel like I’m dying and won’t last the rest of the way, a cool breeze comes along and I look up and thank God for seeing my struggle – as minor as it is – and giving me a nudge to continue on.
  • Going shopping and deciding to hold out until I find something that is a better fit, and then getting a gift certificate, coupon, etc for that specific item the next day. It’s a little reminder that in this big world, God sees me individually and is meeting my need.

There are so many times in a day where something happens and I immediately think “God thing” because I know He’s orchestrating a good life.  Not a perfect life or an ‘easy’ life, but He gets me through my lows and gets all the credit for my highs.


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