He made it 6 miles.

This weekend my favorite firstborn and I went on a Mom-Landon Run-Bike ride.  We haven’t gone on a long ride, just the two of us, in a long time. Usually, if we go, Brooks is with us and we go to the park so mom runs while they play.

But Landon told me he wanted to do a long ride with me – and he did awesome.

He even told me about 2 miles in… “Mom, my legs aren’t even hurting yet.”  He was great.  He only had a small point around mile 3.5-4.5 where he really started to get tired (that’s when it was a lot of uphill slopes) but then as we headed back he picked up his pace again and was waaay ahead of me!

Post ride/run selfie. He doesn’t even look winded (unlike his momma!)

(the sign of a good ride – mud all up your back – it was  rainy day with lots of puddles!)


I can’t believe he made it all 6 miles. He was great!  What an accomplishment for him!



  1. Go Lando, Go Lando, You’re a superstar. I’m so proud of you. That really is a great accomplishment. Maybe one day you’re going to be on your school’s track team! Whooaaaa
    xoxo gigi

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