7 years. done.

This weekend, Dean and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  And like any married couple will tell you, it’s been easy and hard.  Fun and challenging.  Simple and complicated.

But that’s what makes it good. It’s always changing and evolving. If we didn’t have lows, we’d never get to experience the highs.  It would be stagnant. And no one wants stagnant.  So I gladly take the handful of hard days mixed into our many easy days. I’ll gladly take the frustrated tears for the many sweet moments we’ve shared.

Anything worth something takes work. And this is work I’m lucky to do with my favorite partner.

wed7a wed7

I can’t wait to celebrate 43 more with my favorite Esposo.



  1. Congrats to you both. You are an inspiration to all married couples. You are such a complement to each other and remember to always appreciate those differences that you possess.

    xoxo Mom and Dad
    Hoping to celebrate that big 50 of yours too!

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