A lover and a fighter.

Landon loves people.  When we are driving through the neighborhood, he puts down his window and waves with a greeting to neighbors we pass on the sidewalk.  In the grocery store, he’ll often call out “have a great day” to other fellow shoppers.  This boy is a lover.

This made it all the more shocking when I got this note home from school recently.


Along with a note that he was on yellow (warning) for his behavior for the day:


I didn’t think spankings seemed appropriate for hitting and sometimes it seems that spankings are a quick punishment and I wanted something that would remind him over and over that his behavior was unacceptable.

So he had to write 60 sentences:


It took him two nights after school to get them done but it was a long-lasting punishment to remind him about behavior expectations as a member of our family.  We also talked about alternative solutions to handle the situation he was in with his friend and other things he can do next time to resolve a similar problem.

I know he’s going through a stage where he wants to figure out where the boundaries lie.  To this point, he’s always avoided the “line” we create as parents for our children. But lately he’s been pushing those boundaries to find out what he can get away with around obedience, respect and authority.  We’ve really had to crack down on any unacceptable behavior and keep it consistent so he knows where the limits reside.

I don’t want robot children who never push the limits, but I also expect respect and obedience.  It’s hard to give rope and more independence while also pulling back when things go too far.

I want more lover and less fighter.


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