Dear Brooks

Dear Brooks,

I cannot believe how much your personality has changed in the past few months.  It’s like you truly went from toddler to little boy. You’ve started to become more independent and also more confident in your opinions.  You can argue your point well and I’m so proud of how smart and sweet you are.

You’ve been in snuggle mode lately and I love it.  I love that sometimes you just want your momma close. I love that you sneak in and sleep with me in the mornings.  I love that you ask for more time at tuck in.  I love that you are doing a great job at school and I love watching you enjoy your friends.

You are a special boy.  You are sensitive and sweet and while you have a tough exterior you’re like a soft puddle in the middle.  I hope this never changes. I hope you can confidently wear your heart on your sleeve even when other boys or society tells you to man up and be tough.  I love your compassion and sweet spirit.  When someone is hurting or upset, you are quick to resolve it – whether it be to share something you have, to give a hug or to make others aware so they can help.

I pray that you continue to love learning about Jesus.  That the magical stories of the bible get rooted deep in your heart and serve as a compass in your life.

Mostly, I just love you.  I love that you’re so different from me (and my personality) and that we’re learning each day new and better ways to communicate with each other.

I love my sweet boy.



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