Making Lemonade

Sometimes you gotta make lemonade.

We’d planned a family trip (the first one with just the four of us – unbelievable, I know.  We just always travel with family/friends!)

We’d surprise picked the kids up early from school with plans to hit the road and head to the beach for a fun weekend. With an indoor waterpark, lots of fun activities and more, we knew that even with the cooler weather, the kids would have a blast. The car was packed. The road trip movies and snacks in the car.  We were literally grabbing the last items to head out the door and our kids had no idea where we were going or what we were doing.  Then my husband overheard the SC governor talking about how bad the water and rains would be. “You’ve never seen this kind of rain.”  “Turn around, don’t drown, your car is not a boat!”

And he made the choice for us to stay home and not risk our crazy adventure.  (And even though I was disappointed, I knew he was right.)  Jaoquin struck – with tons of water and flooding and we saw images on tv of what the beach area looked like and Dean made the right choice for us to stay. It was terrible.

So, we stayed home and made lemonade.  We took the lemons of our family weekend and turned it into a great weekend.

We went to the arcade with the kids. Headed out for a special dinner.  Dean and I (well mostly Dean – and my dad – thank you dad!) got to install our awesome new single bowl sink (which I love – insert image of me hugging it!). We got to hear an awesome church message from John Gray (had never heard of him and he was great)!  We got to hit up Chili’s for special desserts on night.  Basically we made the best out of our scrapped beach trip.  And even better – we’d never told the kids where we were going so they never whined and complained that we didn’t make it.  They just happily went with the flow all weekend.

Here are some snaps from our Lemonade Weekend:

lemon2 lemon1


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