My phone makes me lazy.

I am generally a late adopter of technology – much to my husband’s chagrin.  Every phone I’ve bought or charging-required-gadget I’ve owned was purchased with the Jason Dean seal of approval (i.e. he did the research, he gave me the pros and cons, he helped me set it up, he taught me to use it, etc.)

I know – I’m in my 30s, I shouldn’t be so geriatric about smart devices.  But alas…

And having a smart phone makes me lazy.

I don’t have to remember phone numbers anymore.  (In college, all my friends #s were memorized. Now, I could probably recite 10 phone numbers by memory – sad.)
I don’t have to carry a camera – just bust out the camera phone.
I don’t have to step outside to check the weather in the transitional seasons – I roll out of bed and open my weather app.
I don’t peruse magazines/cookbooks for the latest recipe ideas, I just check some of my bookmarked food blogs for ideas.
I definitely haven’t looked anything up in forever (goodbye old school encyclopedias of my childhood!) because I just google it.
My map app gets me wherever we need to go.
I have tasks and pop up reminders for everything – kids need a picnic lunch, Brooks needs to bring show n tell, days I have to dress up for work, an expiring gift certificate, etc. I don’t have to remember anything!

Yes, I’m lazy I tell you.

And the biggest difference, I think, is my mental capacity.  Because I don’t have to actively remember tons of facts/numbers/information, my brain is getting worse. Specifically my memory. It doesn’t remember nearly as much as it used to.

Yes, my smart phone is making me dumb (or maybe I’m more smart because I’m a walking plethora of information – just gimme a second while I ask google).


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