8 Random Ginger Facts

I know I’ve occasionally shared random facts about myself before. I always love when people do this on their blog because it’s such a random compilation of tidbits that often would never come up except for on a list like this.

  1. I wish I could sing.  Not American Idol/record contract level singing. Just carry a basic tune. I always feel bad for the people who sit in front/beside me in church because I know I can’t carry a tune.  (Much to the disappointment of my dad’s family who are all VERY musical!)
  2. It took me a ton of tries to get my license – like 8. I don’t even remember.  The terrible thing is I really only didn’t pass one time (I didn’t think I’d make it on the 3 point road turn so I just turned it into a 5 point road turn thinking they wouldn’t mind).
    But every other time it was something else entirely – I forgot to remind my mom to get cash from my dads wallet, we were too late, proof of insurance had expired (because I’d gotten it over 30 days earlier when I originally tried!), they added a requirement and we had to bring a second proof of residency, etc.
  3. My favorite show right now is Blindspot.  It kinda reminds me of the concept of Blacklist but a different dynamic. And for some reason, solving puzzles in dramas is always exciting.  It’s definitely the first thing Dean and I watch on the DVR when we have a free night.
  4. The best part of the day is when my whole family is hanging in bed together snuggling at night or first thing on a weekend morning.  I love having all three of my guys in one place.
  5. We eat way too much pizza.  Now that our kids are busier and our schedules are so packed during the week, Dean and I are always looking for a shortcut in our meal.  I think our kids have pizza at least 2x a week (partially because their class serves it for lunch each Friday). If you were wondering my favorite kind – Papa Johns mushroom and banana peppers with extra sauce.
  6. I do not like camping. I feel like you’re just dirty the whole time.  Nothing better than getting home and taking a real shower.  Plus everything is better with electricity – I love you lights, dishwasher, A/C. i.e. I’ll never try out for Survivor, Naked and Afraid, etc.
  7. I think my husband looks hottest with a 1-2 day beard. This is often an area of contention in our marriage. He likes clean shaven because it doesn’t itch. I like a little stubble because it makes him look ruggedly handsome (any other Castle fans out there…). He likes to spend tons of money on shaving stuff – like a ridiculously expensive razor, creams, etc.  I tell him not to bother so I can see his shadow. 🙂
  8. I’m kinda crazy with my sleeping requirements. I really don’t like sleeping in anything smaller than a king size bed if I’m sharing with someone else. I’ve gotten spoiled in my old age. In college, no problem sleeping on a couch or futon (even the floor with a pile of blankets!) but now – no way.  Must be an actual bed.  I also like it to be pitch black with no lights shining (hence the reason for bits of tape on our smoke detectors, tv light up logo, phone face down on the floor, etc.) I used to hang extra blankets to make it super dark but my husband nixed those when we moved into our current house.  And I travel with a fan. Yes, it’s caused a lot of crazy stares and questions in TSA check points but I need that white noise to sleep now. (I blame the last one on my college BFF who introduced me to fan sleeping.)

There you go – 8 randoms.  Who wants to share a random fact about themselves?


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