They get it from their momma.

Their great memory, that is!

We play a decent amount of Matching/Memory game at our house. We have about 5 different versions and the kids love to find the matches. It’s funny how they are about certain ones. Like Brooks and Landon both cry if they don’t find the Grinch one in the Dr. Suess set.  Or they both like to find the “mean Elsa” pair in the Frozen set.

When Brooks was little he’d often get extra turns or get to pick three to find a match but over the summer he started getting good.  So now we play the regular rules (and I don’t go easy on them)!

We played a recent family memory game and here were the results. Can you guess whose pile was whose?


After about 30 minutes of fierce competition (and pauses for bathroom breaks), the last match was found. Those two boys had so much fun getting uninterrupted mom/dad time.

The final tally…

cards names

Yes, 3 y.o. Brooks really found all those pairs by himself.  And he and Landon were so sweet. They kept trying to share their matches with Daddy because he kept missing the pairs. “Here Dad, have this one so you can have two pairs!” They’d even try to give him hints for the match.

You’ll also see that Mommy came out with the coveted Grinch match (very bottom left corner – orange background).  A few tears were shed.

I love that these boys are getting old enough to play big kid games and keep up.  It’s going to get even more fun when they are just a few years older and we can try some more complicated board games.

Other moms out there… do you go easy on your kids when you play games? Sometimes I do, but a lot of the time I don’t. I know that in just a few short years, these kiddos are going to be better than me at everything!


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