Sweet moments.

Now that Brooks is more boy and less toddler, it’s fun to watch how my kids interact with each other on a regular basis.  Too often they will trigger memories of my own childhood. Of me bossing around my little sister and brother, just like Landon tries to tell Brooks what to do.

  • Unprompted brother snuggles.  Brooks just asking his brother for a hug and Landon quickly obliging for a sweet brotherly embrace.
  • Sneaky bedtime tactics.  Where Brooks sneaks out of his room after tuck in so that he can sleep with his big bro.  As much as I get tired of yelling “get in bed” when I hear the thump of running feet across the floor late at night, I really love the surprise I get when I go to check on Landon and find two sweetly sleeping boys in bed.
  • Giving in for the benefit of the other brother.  (Brooks is better at this but they both do it.) When I let one brother be in charge of choosing something (the movie, picking out dinner plates) and the other doesn’t get to pick so he gets really upset.  I love when the “picking” brother offers to put his turn on the line and do what the sad, non-picking brother wants.  It is so sweet to see that humility and generous spirit that my boys are showing. “Ok, Landon we can pick your movie instead of mine.”
  • When they practice reading together.  Landon has started basic reading in kindergarten and it’s so cute when Brooks wants to butt into Landon’s practice to “read” some of the words on his own. I also love seeing Landon try to teach Brooks how to figure out the words.
  • When playing “Guess who” and of three rounds, Landon and Brooks both picked the same object two of the times.  One round they were both trying to guess the strawberry. The other the blue bird. I love them having the same favorites.

Yes, these are the sweet moments that fill my day.  Unconditional love.  True care and concern.  I don’t know what these boys would do without each other.  They are truly best buds.



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