Finding Balance.

Balance is tricky for me.  I always feel like I’m skewed on way or another in so many areas of life:

Parenting – trying to find the balance between being too firm and suffocating my kids and being too lose and letting them run the show. Or giving them rein to try it by themselves and see if they can figure it out versus helicopter parenting so they don’t get to make a mistake.

Quiet Time – Not that there is ever too much God, but I’ll have months where I’m in my bible a ton and every passage speaks to me and I’m shooing my kids away so I can finish MY quiet time and then months when I don’t pick up my bible once.

Work – Figuring the perfect balance between getting it done and keeping tabs on everything (including checking my emails at home) versus feeling like I’m not into in and not giving my best work.  Making sure I leave early enough to spend time with my kiddos at home and it’s more than just time to do dinner and bed.

Shopping – Most of the time I am anti-shopping. Especially this time of year when stores tend to stay packed.  But a couple times a year, I’ll go out and blow a couple hundred/thousand bucks just because.  It’s like I’ve saved for too many months in a row and just need to buy something.

Exercise – Trying to fit in so many workouts that I miss free time with my kids or weeks where I don’t exercise at all.

Filling Our Calendar – Saying yes to every invite that crosses our mailbox or replying no and completely turning down any outside activities because I don’t want to put anything extra on our plate.

Date Nights – Times where Dean and I have tons of couple activities to reconnect but away from our kids compared to never taking a minute for ourselves and only revolving around our kids.  There’s got to be a middle ground in there somewhere!

There are so many categories in life where I feel like I sway from one extreme to another.  I know there needs to be more balance, but it’s hard to find.  I think it’s especially difficult because there are so many areas to find balance in. You might have balance in your exercise plan but be skewed with spending.  It’s like I need to find balance within my balance.

And I’m still figuring it out.  Sometimes I’m doing well and sometimes I feel like I’m so far off target that I want to throw my hands up and quit.  But I remember that the only way I’ll get better is to keep working at it each day.



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