Pea’s back. But then he left.

Like the millions of other parents out there, I have a love/hate relationship with our Elf on the Shelf – “Pea”.


Love:  The kids WANT to have good behavior when Pea is around watching. It’s fun to see their reactions and excitement when they try to find him each morning.

Hate:  I forgot to move him the second night.  And the fourth.  And I don’t like getting out of my warm, cozy bed to go move the bugger. Plus, I don’t want to do all the ‘creative’ ideas you see on Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram that look like mom spent 6 hours rigging the perfect set up and will likely require more than 10 seconds of clean up.

All that to say, Pea is back. Or he was.  Then we had an incident where our firstborn touched him/moved him and the rule is if you touch him, he loses his magic, so he’s been gone for several days now.

But the kids want him back. So what to do?

We decided Landon needed to write an apology letter and hopefully Santa would give Pea his magic back and he would recover enough at the North Pole Hospital where he’s currently residing.

Earlier this week, Landon put this letter in the mailbox.


(I’m sorry for touching you. Can you come back please?)

But the “mailman” (aka Daddy) forgot to get it out, so after school Landon got the mail and was upset it was still in there. Oops!

But today, the mail will make it to the North Pole and Pea should arrive back in town tomorrow so he can spread a little more holiday cheer for my two crazy boys.


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