This may jinx it.

But I’m going to be throwing out some diapers soon.

Yes, magically over the past two weeks our kids have decided to night potty train themselves.  I really think it was more of Brooks’ doing than anything. He recently started having a few nights in a row with a dry diaper so we decided to try no diaper and he hasn’t had an accident yet.  (I’m sure I’ll be eating those words soon!)

Although, we’ve been trying on and off for 6 months to get Landon night time trained, this week he started doing it every night.  I asked him why he was doing such a great job at night and he said. “Because Brooks is doing it.”  How about that for some healthy sibling competition?

The trick that’s worked for both of them is waking them up at around 10:30/11 when Dean and I are about to go to sleep and having them do one last potty break before a full night.  Like I said, we’ve been trying this with Landon for months and it just all of a sudden it’ll never happen and you’ll be changing diapers when they’re in high school – hold out hope, it comes. Even when it seems like they’ll never get there.

And they are so proud when it clicks!  And mom is too.


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