Word of the year.

Each year, during the end of year offering, our church asks each person to pick a word for the coming year. The word should be something that they’re praying for or something that they feel is needed in their life – peace, family, rest, joy, reconciliation, etc.

And there is always a unique way we memorialize our word. Last year we had sticker dots that we put on a map around Charlotte and when it was done you could see the whole city covered with words for the year – representing all the people in the church.


This year, they gave us a jar to write our word of the year on.  (The jar had some symbolism to the story of Jesus changing water to wine – check out the sermon from Dec 12/13, if you’re interested).  I thought about mine for a day or so and finally came up with it.  Balance.

I want a more balanced year.  As I’ve mentioned so many times on my blog before, for me, it’s always too much or too little. I crowd the calendar or we do nothing. I work too much or not enough. I can easily go from easy/laidback to angry/impatient.  So it’s really a good thing for me to strive for. And pray for.

I asked Dean what his word was.

He told me “furniture”.

Which isn’t a lie! He’s been pushing for a new bedroom set for us for years and I’ve always found other things to use our money for. So in 2016, I’m hoping for a year of balance… and furniture!


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