If I’d dated Dean when I was 18, would we be married today? Or did we need to grow as friends and discover ourselves as individuals, waiting until we were in our 20s/30s to have the marriage we have?

Would Landon be different if I’d become a mom at age 20 or at age 35?  Would our age as parents have influenced the boy he’d be or would we’ve always ended up with our easygoing, hardworking, silly boy?

Would Brooks be as snuggly, passionate and sensitive if he was in a different spot in the birth order?

Would I want to wear lots of hats and do so many things in life if I didn’t have parents (and more specifically a hardworking, successful mom) as my role models?

Would I have the same faith in Jesus if I didn’t live in a Christian-based home growing up?  Would my faith be greater or non-existent if I’d faced harder/different circumstances in my life (addictions, huge loss, atheism, etc.)?

Just some of the ‘would’s’ I think about.


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