Affecting my kids future marriages.

I don’t give my husband enough credit. Sometimes I have a hard time focusing on the 90% of him that is awesome and I nit pick on the 10% that I wish was different. But in all reality, I know he’s a good husband/dad/son/man/friend.  Better than most.

Every day, he’s a great example to our boys and while it’s easy to remember they look to him for guidance every day, I need to remember that I’m providing them the daily example as the mate of their dad.  One day, they’ll be looking for their mate and I think the type of woman they pick has a lot to do with me.

The way I treat my husband will affect their expectations of their future wife. 

The level of respect I show my husband will influence them – either positively or negatively.  Will they choose a woman who respects them because that’s what they saw growing up? Will they choose a woman who treats him like crap because they think that’s normal?

And it’s not just the level of respect towards Dean – how much attention do I give him? Who is the leader of our home?  Do I praise him regularly? Is he treated as an authority in our home?  Do I show him love and affection?

I have to be aware of the example I set for them.  While they look up to their daddy and admire him so much, they also look to me to learn how a wife treats her husband.  And I hope that their future wives are loving, supportive, generous, encouraging women – better women than me. Similarly, I hope my boys learn the drive, compassion, kindness and fun that their dad shows every day.


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