Goals for 2016


While I don’t regularly re-visit the goals I make throughout the year, I generally know what they are and they definitely prompt me to make specific decisions through the year so that I can achieve them.

Here’s what I have on my radar for 2016:

  • Faith – Get out of my “God funk”.  I was riding high the first half of last year in my walk and the second half of 2015 just wasn’t there for me.  I think a lot had to do with reading Battlefield of the Mind the first part of last year, but I want to get back on that high I had the first half of the year.
  • Family – Dean family of 4 trip (ours in 2015 got cancelled due to a little storm named Joquain!) and a trip to Disney.  I want to do a better job of balance – the whole work/family/individual trifecta – too often it veers one way or the other and I’d like more of a balanced triangle this year.  I also want to do more special dates with the kids.  We did a good job early 2015 but it’s gotten away from us.
  • Marriage – I want us to mix it up this year. More weekends or nights away where we enjoy us time.  Surprise dates. A renewed focus on us now that our kids are a little older and don’t require so much of “us”.
  • Financial – I have some figures earmarked for goals with savings, 401k, kids accounts, etc.  The usual!
  • House – I want to put something on the walls in the boys’s rooms. They seem unfinished despite being about 90% done. They just need the finishing touches. I also want to buy new bedroom furniture for the master and paint our room.  In 2016, I want a new toy storage solution in the play room. Something to start organizing that room better.  And I want to throw a party in my house. I don’t take advantage of our set up enough and I’d love to do a little backyard cookout or another type of get together in my home – gotta use all the hosting kitchen supplies I’ve acquired over the years.
  • Health – I exercised 120 days in 2015.  So 1/3.  I think I can do better. I want do 150 days in 2016.  If it’s going awesome I’ll hit 180 (about 50%) but I want to be realistic with the increase.  So anything above 150 is a goal reached!
  •  Personal – I want to do some personal counseling this year.  I’m often not the Ginger I want to be and I want to do some personal searching and counseling to figure out how I can be better.  I also want to do more reading.  I love devouring a good book and after our trip to the DR this year where I read 5 books in 5 days, it just renewed a love for books that I had growing up.  I also want to practice shooting in manual.  I need to work on my photography skills!

So there’s my plan for the year.  Only 358 more days to get it done!


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