Remember when…

Remember when you ran everywhere you went – to the playground, to the car, to the fort at the end of the street. It was always a quick hustle to the next fun thing.

Remember when you loved to fill out application-type paperwork.  You got to put each letter of your name in the little boxes. I remember always putting my name in the “first time church visitor” card – never to drop in the offering plate but just to fill out.

Remember when finding a good seat in the back of the bus was the highlight of your day.

Remember when you fought to stay up late and couldn’t wait until you got older and could make your own sleep schedule.  The thought of “extra sleep” was absurd!

Remember when you didn’t think twice about your food selections – you didn’t care how many fruits and veggies were going in or if you had 3 treats in one day. In fact, 3-treat-days were awesome!

Remember when you loved getting mail – even if it was junk mail.  It was so special to see something come through with your name on it.

Remember when you didn’t need to stretch before exercising. You just did it.  And you weren’t sore the next day.  Your body was used to moving all the time!

Oh childhood, how I miss your stresses and highlights!


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