Brooks is 4.

Tomorrow, my baby turns 4.  My crazy, wild, snuggly, sweet boy will celebrate with cake, balloons, presents and fun.

twin 2

The boy who loves dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, his elephant puppet “Digger”, laser tag, construction equipment, his green blankie, PB&J, and exercising his will.

This kid makes me laugh every day.
Mom: “Brooks what do you want for your birthday?”
Brooks: “I want a real saw. Not a kid saw but a real one like daddy has.”
M: “What is another idea, a real saw is not something that kids should have.”
B: “How about branch cutters?”

Mom: “Brooks, what special, fun activity do you want to do on your birthday? ” I even prompted him with some ideas to get him thinking, “painting, swimming, bounce houses…”
B: “I think I want to do a Disney cruise on my birthday.”

Oh this boy. He challenges me as a parent each day and forces me to try new things to connect with him.  He’s stubborn yet sensitive, confident with a bit of shyness, unafraid to fail, full of energy, so quick to forgive, adores his brother, and loves a good snuggle.

And I especially love the mornings where he sneaks into our bed and cuddles right next to me for a few extra minutes of sleep.

meatballBrooks Matthew, I’ve loved you for 4 years and I’ll love you for a hundred more.  In so many ways, I wish I was more like you.  You have a confidence in yourself – you know who you are and WHOSE you are.  You are so smart. You’re so determined. You’re hilarious and fun.

You are the highlight of so many of my parenting stories.  And I love seeing you grow and change each year.  Happy birthday my sweet boy.  I love you times a million bajillion.




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