He’s a baller.

“From Charlotte, NC… 4 feet tall.  Number 4. Lannnnndon Deaaaan!!!”

Yes, my kids practice announcing themselves like the Hornets.  (Brooksie’s is especially hilarious because he always says a “6′ 10 center from UConn, Omeka Brooksieeee Dean!” – yep, he leaves the Omeka part in!)

As of this winter, Landon gets a real announcer before each Saturday game.  Yep, he’s an Upward Polar Bear!

I love that he’s learning a sport. Instead of just a skill in the backyard, he gets to learn the difference between offense and defense, how to score, the rules of the game, how to be on a team, etc.

Added bonus – his Gigi and Papa are the coaches.  For me it’s a flashback to my childhood when they coached so many of our sports teams.  And Landon absolutely loves it!


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