He wants to be like his brother.

Brooks really loves his brother. He looks up to him and wants to do everything his brother does. Whether it’s tying a shoe, playing a sport, riding a bike, or reading. He wants to do everything that Landon does.

In fact, at the end of 2015, we really started pushing hard for Landon to stop wearing bedtime diapers.  Brooks decided he wanted to stop wearing diapers just like Landon – and sure enough 1 week later, he was nighttime potty trained.  We haven’t bought/used diapers in 2 months, so I think we’re officially a diaper-free family!

Brooks also really loves homework.  He gets jealous whenever Landon has homework and he doesn’t have an assignment to work on.  We recently had a parent-teacher conference and Brooks’ preschool teachers were saying how well he does in class and with his letters. I’d had no idea he’d been working on them so much.

So I decided to test him at home. I had him write “thank you” on some thank you notes for his birthday presents.  (I told him the letters – he doesn’t know how to spell yet 🙂  ) And he did a great job!

And when it comes to sports, anything Landon can do, Brooks wants to do to.  From practicing dribbling on the sideline of Landon’s games/practices, to playing catch and taking swings with daddy in the backyard, he wants to do it all. He’s asked so many time for Dean to take off his training wheels – still gotta get the balance part down!  Yes, my wild, crazy, independent, marches to the beat of his own drum 4 year old. He wants to do it all!

And Landon does a great job taking it in stride and helping his little bro learn new things every day.




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