8 things.

Just some random thoughts…

  1. I hope my kids get some “real snow” this year.  We got about 1-2 inches of ice/snow and the kids LOVED sledding.  (They just got super fast, new sleds this year -thanks Grandpop/Debbie!)  We need a good 5 inches to hit some of the better hills around here!
  2. Landon is obsessed with making “Cam Newton moves” – he can “Dab”, “first down” and “Superman”.  Go Panthers – Superbowl 50.
  3. Brooks turned 4 and decided he can now do things on his own without complaint. Including getting dressed by himself in the mornings, showering and brushing teeth.  When he was 3 years and 360 days – it was a fight each morning filled with tears – now he’s 4, and “4 year old’s get dressed all by themselves”. Love it!
  4. Landon is turning into his mom. He asks for back rubs every day.
  5. I love watching my husband play sports with his kids.  Too many dads are too busy to get dirty.  Not Dean.
  6. I can’t wait for warmer temps and the daylight savings change.  I miss you outdoor runs and coming home when it’s still light out. My kids miss evening playtime outside.
  7. Blindspot is my new favorite show and I can’t wait until they start airing new episodes.
  8. I love family snuggle time at night.  Our kids do too and I know that will change, so we do it all the time while we can.

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