Travel Time: Dominican Republic

Since it’s frrrrrreezing out – yes, we actually had snow flurries over the weekend – I’m taking a virtual trip back to our Dominican Republic vacation from October.  It was a great time of the year to go, it was just starting to get a little chilly in Charlotte and we enjoyed bikini weather all weekend.

Here are a few of the highlights from our trip:

This was one of our favorite excursions – we drove 2 person jet boats on the ocean, we did some snuba and then snorkeling.  We really loved the snuba.  There were tons of  cool fish and being able to stay deep was great!  The jet boats were great, too!DR1

These are a few pics of our resort in Punta Cana. We stayed at the Bahia resorts (there were two on one property) and it was beautiful.   I loved that there were so many pools and the first pic below shows the pool with the beach just steps away – where the palm trees are. And they had fun and different drinks all over the place so we definitely took advantage of the “all inclusive”.


Another excursion we took was to ride dune buggies (boogies as they call them down there). We drove to a super beautiful beach and got suckered into letting someone take our picture with his lizard on us.  Probably the worst part of my trip because it was gross!  After we dune buggied to the beach, we went to an underground cove. It was chilly in there!



After three days in Punta Cana, we headed to La Romana – the Dreams resort – where we met up with my family for my cousins wedding. It was very picturesque – just like Punta Cana.  Loved the clear water and warm sand.  The day after the wedding, we went on a starfish cruise.  We probably found about 10 of them within our group.  It was awesome to have the whole boat to ourselves.  Of course, we also imbibed in some refreshing rum beverages so everyone was having a good time!


The DR was a fun adventure.  I’d never been to the Caribbean so it was great to check it off of my Travel Bucket List.

Oh, and I took home more than souvenirs – I also brought back a GI bug from too much tropical water.  Silver lining:  At least the vacation pounds came off quickly!

Now, to bundle up and head out in 30° temps!  Mr. Groundhog better be right on his early-spring forecast!


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