My Brooks.

My Brooks is such a sweet boy.  He truly is a leader who lives by his own rules.  He doesn’t get embarrassed.  He loves anything that can be turned into a game. He’s very observant. He loves making other people smile.  And he loves helping.  He  wants to do anything Landon, Mom or Dad are doing.  Age means nothing. In fact, he regularly asks for adult tools (saws, hammers, etc.) for birthday gifts because he doesn’t want kid stuff, he wants to be a big boy.

As I was scrolling through my camera phone, I found a day which was particularly “Brooksie-esque.”

1/ Yes, that is Brooks in just his undies helping with the new sink install. Daddy and Papa had run to the store for some last plumbing parts and while they were away, Brooks climbed under there to see if he could “connect some stuff”.

2 & 3/ We were in a long return line at Costco, Brooks decided to be a greeter/bridge for people exiting.  He’d put his hand out like a rail crossing and each time a cart got close he’d raise it up to ‘let them pass’.  Then he’d give out high fives to everyone in the party.  So many people got smiles on their faces from this little boy just giving out high fives.  I bet he got 30.

4/ Lastly, this picture is typical.  Marches to the beat of his own drum.  Backwards jeans. check. Building something or taking it apart. check. Look of complete concentration. check.

Special B.jpg

I love this little boy so much.  I love how God made him so perfect.  He puts a smile on so many faces and just isn’t afraid to be himself.  And his cheeks are just kissable.

My Brooks.


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