Bucket List: Domestic Travel

I love to see different parts of the world.  I’ve had the chance to hit some international highlights over my years and I want to keep adding to my world travel bucket list.

During a recent lunch with my co-workers, we were discussing places we want to go or have visited around the world but then got into the discussion of hitting more places in the good ole USA.

It really got me thinking about places I want to hit over the next 5-10 years and who I want to travel with.  In some cases, it seems like a great couples vacation and sometimes I envision a road trip with all my boys.  I’ve done a pretty good job of hitting a bunch of places on the East Coast, but I really haven’t ventured much from that.

Couples Hot Spots:
Chicago – I just think this is a cool city and I’d love to go there. Something about the big lake and the hustle and bustle make it appealing to me.
Hawaii – while I went to Maui a few years ago traveling with my mom and her BFF, I think it would be a great trip to take again with my husband.  Maybe for a big milestone anniversary.  And hopefully to a different island since I did a lot of the Maui stuff last time.
Nashville or Memphis – While it’s too far for a short weekend trip, I think hitting one of these towns known for delicious Southern cooking would be a blast.
San Diego – I want to do some California traveling and San Diego is on my list.  I’ve only been to Southern California once – that I can remember – and I’d definitely like to go again.

Bringing the Whole Fam:
Yellowstone – Maybe rent an RV for a week one summer and do the whole boys thing – cabins, tents, hiking and fishing.  Definitely a little too young right now to appreciate it but it seems like a good late elementary school, early middle school years trip.
Alaska – I think my boys would have a great time as they got a little older.  A little wilderness adventure. No wifi. Just the scenic outdoors.
San Francisco, Napa and the Redwoods – I think hitting the City by the Bay for some urban fun and then adventuring to the huge redwoods would be a blast. And the hubby and I could hit a few vineyards as well.  I visited San Fran in college when we went out for a family ski trip, but I’d like to do it again with my own family.
Texas – Not sure if it would be Austin, Dallas or Houston, but I’d love for my boys to see why everything is bigger in Texas.
Grand Canyon – Everyone I’ve met says that its 100x more magnificent in person than in pictures so it seems like something I need to do.
Seattle – It just seems like a cool city to visit.  I’m sure there is some adventuring to be done.
Niagara Falls – This just seems like something everyone should do at some point.  So sign us up!
Washington DC – I grew up there and definitely got my fill of the National monuments and zoo.  But now that I’m older, I’ve taken for granted some of those trips and I wish we had something as educational and historic in our backyard.  Since we visit the in-laws in Baltimore each year, DC would just be a short trip away for our kids to experience some of that same fun. I know they’d be in awe at the Air & Space museum.
Disney – It’s time for our kids to experience the magic of Disney we got to enjoy when we were growing up.  We’re shooting for this fall – assuming Brooks is good height-wise for most of the rides.

Traveling is such a great way to visit different cultures – even regional differences within the U.S. and I hope that my kids enjoy visiting new places as much as I do.

What would you add to my Bucket List?  Any best tips for bringing the kids along?


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