This boy.

This boy.  He’s always the first to help out and be my special assistant.

This boy.  He loves to be outside. He bikes, runs, catches and throws.  Basically, his daddy’s dream.

L tball

This boy. He loves playing make believe with his brother.  He’ll be the dino, the mom, the baby, the lion.

This boy.  He can carry on a great conversation.

This boy.  He loves school and getting better at his academics.  The smile on his face when he sounds out a long word is dazzling.  Watching him have “lightbulb moments” is so much fun.grad9

This boy.  He has such a good heart and soul.  He’s older than his 6 years.

This boy.  An overachiever who always wants to get better. Earn more stickers. Get more green marks on his Daily Report.  Be the fastest in a foot race.

This boy.  Proof enough that we hit the firstborn jackpot.

L 6

Happy 6th birthday to the sweetest kid.  We love you so much Landy Pants!


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