Favorite Kid Dates/Activities

This weekend it’s gonna be me and the boys while daddy does some golfing!  So, I’ve started to think of things the boys and I can do together for some extra special fun.

Here are some of my favorite kid dates:

  1. Fro yo or donuts.  Who doesn’t love sweet treats with delicious toppings?  My kids love when we go for a special treat date.  Plus it’s a great way for me to enforce good behavior all day – “if you have kind behavior and good listening all weekend, we’ll go get a treat tonight.”
  2. Trying out a new park.  Or an old favorite.  Sometimes, it’s enough to just hop on the bikes and head over to the playground.  Since we haven’t done a ton of park activity over the past three months with the winter cold, they aren’t OVER playgrounds and parks like they sometimes get when we do them every weekend in the spring and summer.
  3. A kid place.  Not my favorite thing, but when I see how excited they are to play in the bounce house, arcade game or trampoline park, I love that I get a little down time to watch them play and see them have so much fun burning off that extra energy.
  4. Visiting family.  Not that they don’t see their family enough, but when Dean is out, I don’t feel guilty taking them for a couple hour playdate. Then I get to catch up with the adults and the kids have their own fun.
  5. Restaurant date. Sometimes just hitting a kid-friendly restaurant and letting them pick off the menu is a fun treat.  Especially when they’re expecting the same old dinner at home and it’s an unexpected surprise.
  6. Doing cooking class.  It’s fun to also do our own little “cooking class” at home. And my special helpers do a great job assisting with the flour and sugar and turning on the mixer while we make something delicious to snack on!
  7. Buying a fun new toy to try out.  I’ve bought a cheap blow up kiddie pool or some fun water toys and surprised them with a new activity in the backyard that is hours of fun.  I always find something on the clearance section so I don’t feel guilty about spending a lot but love a good several-hour play session outside.  And mom can play or watch from the side with a book and cool drink!
  8. Chalk games.  If the weather is great, my kids love to do chalk games outside.  Sometimes we’ll take chalk to a nearby park and create our own game or obstacle course to follow.  It’s funny to see them make up rules and motions for each chalk station.
  9. Movie date.  Whether it’s hitting the cheap movie theater or watching a redbox at home, we don’t have time for extended tv watching at home with the kids (nor do I want them to sit in front of the boob tube all day), so getting a full two hour movie is extra special.  And mom usually sneaks some sort of snack into the movies to get them thru to the end if they start getting antsy.
  10. Craft time.  I’m kinda stingy when it comes to setting up a big craft time because it can get so messy. I don’t mind crayons, markers and some glue, but when you get those big kits to make crazy blobs or big painting projects, I can get anxious before we begin because I know what messiness is to come.  But, I definitely tend to take on a fun craft project with the kids on weekends when we have some free mom/boys time. It may be painting ornaments or play doh kits, but it’s guaranteed to be extra messy when we’re done!

What are some of your best go-to kid activities or date ideas when you’re running solo?


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