Reliving my childhood.

I recently got to go and chaperone Landon’s class for a field trip to the Children’s Theatre.  I took the day off work and just loved my time with Landon and his friends. It’s actually the first time I ever chaperoned a trip with his class. Dean went to several when Landon was in preschool because they’d travel up near his work, but my first chaperone experience was Pumpkin Patch Picking with Brooks last fall.

And being on the trip with Landon’s class was such a reminder of my childhood.  The multiple headcounts. The ordered line everywhere. The strict time schedule. The bus rides with wild and crazy kids hyped up for their venture out of school.

It was such a sweet moment for me. Landon being at the age where he loved that I came and it was extra special. And then the opportunity to have a day to just soak him in and make him feel like the center of my world was awesome. And all the adorable kindergartners all dressed up for their first trip to the theatre.

A few pics viewing The Tortoise and the Hare

I hope I have the opportunity to chaperone several more class trips as my kids learn and grow.



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