The change of seasons.

It’s amazing how well Creation works.  Plants grow.  Body systems function in unity.  Ocean currents change and tides go in and out. Life grows inside of another life.

All things that just sort of happen.

I was driving through my neighborhood last week, enjoying the week’s 70° temps and thinking about the season change.  Just two weeks ago I was huddled under a blanket in nearly 40° rain watching Landon play t-ball.  Freezing and waiting to run for cover in the car.  Now my windows were down and the leaves were budding on the trees.  It just sort of happened.

One week it’s cold. The next week it’s not.

The seasons change.  And truly in perfect timing. Once you start getting sick of the heat of summer, the leaves start changing and the evenings get cool.  Then you’re getting sick of the crunchy, dusty leaves everywhere and along comes the cold of winter and the fun of the holiday season.  Then you’re ready for a fresh start and longer days of spring and then summer is back again with weeks of vacation and slower paced days.

As I was driving along thinking of the perfect timing of the season change, I started thinking about seasons of life and how God has perfect timing to change those seasons.  There are weeks or months where life feels hard. Maybe it’s guilt in parenting, a stressful period at work, funk in your marriage, loss of a relationship, a family fight. And just when it feels like it’s suffocating and too much, God sends a release – a fun date night that reconnects you, a great night out with friends, finishing a big project at work, a few especially special days with your kids, a reconciliation that just lifts the weight from your shoulders.  Because life seasons are constantly changing and evolving.

I love that just when you think you can’t handle a season anymore, God brings a new season, some freshness and life into your life that pushes you into the next phase.


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