Caught being sweet.

Yes, arguing and fighting is a daily, make that hourly, occurrence in our home.

“Mom, he took that out of my hand.”
“Dad, Landon is taking all the water.”
“Landon, don’t eat the last one!!”
“Mom, Brooks is writing on my homework papers!”

So when I catch them in moments of sweetness, I stand quietly in the doorway and just watch:

I watch two sweet boys play trucks together nicely. I watch them quietly use their imagination and play pretend. I notice them encourage each other and compromise in their play.  I see them take turns lining them up.  I see love, adoration and care for each other.

I see a little boy who carefully tucked in his Elephant at bedtime.  Making sure his soft friend is all snuggled peacefully with that boy’s special blankie – a true gesture of love – sharing his most prized possession.


I love when sweetness is contagious in our home.


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