I love your confidence.

Dear Brooks,

I love your confidence.  You show me every day that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does – you’re ok doing it your way.  It doesn’t matter if other kids are all inside coloring – if you want to run circles outside, you’ll do it.  It doesn’t matter if they are dressed differently – you’ll wear slippers to school if you want.  It doesn’t matter if I tell you that your sentence doesn’t make sense, you’re running with it.  And if there is a chance to stand up in front of the group and give your opinion, you’ll do it.

You don’t get swayed when the big kids come and tell you you’re too little to play, you think you fit right in. You don’t care that you haven’t mastered a sports skill yet, you still think you’re the bees knees out there.  You know who you are, what you want and what you care about.  And I love that.  I see other kids getting swayed by what other people say or do and I love that you follow your heart.

I wish I could have 1/20th of the confidence you portray every day.  Thanks for the example my sweet boy!

Love you (times a million bajillion),



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