I love your hard work.

Dear Landon,

I love your hard work.  You are one of the hardest working little boys I know. You’re always quick to help mom or dad without complaint.  If the playroom needs a cleaning or if the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, you jump right on it.

I love the example you’re setting for your brother and others with how hard you try.  When it comes to sports, you spend hours each week outside of practice working on your dribbling, catching, rebounding, and swing.  At home, you’re on top of it with your homework.  You love getting better and working hard to do it.

Too often, kids get blasted for having bad attitudes or a lack of work ethic.  But not you.  You pride yourself on earning chore stickers each day. You love the accomplishment of rocking out your reading assignment or nailing your sight words lists.

You’re the best little assistant – running errands, helping with chores, doing house projects and more.

I hope you never lose your desire to work hard and be better.  It’s going to serve you so well when you become the man of your own house one day.  I love the energy you bring to our family and your hard work makes me want to work hard, too.

I love you baby boy.  (times a million bajillion).



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