Brooks stories.

Walking by the playroom, that looks like a toy bomb exploded, on his way to his bedroom. Brooks talking matter of factly…

“Mom, this is a mess in here.  I’ll clean this up with Landon tomorrow morning, ok?”

Trying to teach my kids the importance of recognizing others in need and giving to them.  We’d just given some money to a man on the corner with a sign.

Brooks:  “Mom, why did you give him all that money? Don’t worry, I can give you some of my money at home.”
Mom:  “That’s ok, baby, we are giving it to someone who is in a hard situation and needs money to buy food for his family. We have to look for people out there who need money more than we do.  We have more than enough so Jesus wants us to look for others and give to them.”

Two minutes later, we drive into the Walmart parking lot.
“Mom, looooook! ANOTHER ONE WITH NEED!”  Brooks says as he points out another man across the parking lot holding a sign. “We gotta give him some money. He’s in need.”

Brooks gets the benefit of his big brother, Landon, learning things and teaching them to him.  Recently we were in the car and Brooks starts rattling off some math problems.
“3+1=4, 5+2=7, 2+2=4…”
By the third one Dean and I look at each other shocked that he knows how to do addition.
Brooks, sensing our surprise pipes up, “Mom, I’m using my fingers to do math.  Landon showed me. You know… addition is where you combine things.”

At bedtime, Brooks often wants me to make up a story – he usually wants trucks, dinos, whatever his latest love is.  The other night I decided to mix it up and tell him a true story about when I was a little girl.  When I finished…
“That was a good story, mom, but tomorrow I want you to tell me one with dinosaurs.”

Every day I have moments where I think, seriously, who is this kid?! And how did I get to be his momma?



One comment

  1. These were funny. He’s his mommas and daddy and gig’s and papa’s and grammy’s and grandpas pidgin. That’s where he gets his genius.

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