By the Numbers.

5 – episodes of Suits I watched last week.  What can I say, I’m addicted.  My SIL recommended it and I’ve been hooked since episode 1.  At least I force myself to eliptic-ize while I watch!  Harvey is awesome.

7 – the magic hour that I need my kids to sleep to.  8 would be awesome. But I don’t mind 7. (Particularly because Dean is usually the morning riser.)

3 – number of meds Brooks is currently on for his allergies.  Poor guy.

6 – number of house projects on my priority DIY to-do list.  Finish crown molding, re-do kids toy cubby, hang new bathroom fixtures, make shelf for B room, hang curtains in bedroom, paint half bath.

37 – number of tshirts I own. How do I know this? Because I just had to fold each one of them to transfer to a new dresser.  At least 10 are Elevation Church shirts! Hoarder.

5 – number of tomato plants in our 2016 garden (so far).  Three of them came up on their own from last years tomatoes that dropped into the soil.  I’m guessing we might get 1 or 2 more that come up on their own.

0 – number of squash plants this year.  They weren’t a hit last year 🙂

11 – number of birthdays/holidays that fall between Feb 26 and Father’s Day in our family.  And some of these dates require multiple gifts (i.e. Father’s Day means gifts for Dean’s dad, my dad and Dean).  That’s a lot of gift giving in 3.5 months.




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