You’re growing up.

You’re growing up.  I noticed recently that you are no longer a “Linus”. That the blankie that’s been attached to your hip your first 5 years of existence is now often an afterthought. If it’s there it’s there, if not, you don’t notice.

You’re growing up.  Two lost teeth in the past month.  Corn on the cob is going to be tough this summer 🙂

You’re growing up.  You run like a little man now. You’re so tall and strong. When we bike ride-run together, you can easily go for 6 miles or more on your bike. And you’re waiting for me instead of the other way around!

You’re growing up.  Lately you’ve been staying up a little later than usual. Laying in your bed and reading.  You no longer have to read out loud but now you read in your head, and you’re asking me less and less for help sounding things out.

You’re growing up.  You shower in your own bath down the hall, no longer sharing with little brother.  You run on autopilot to get ready in the mornings or head to bed.

You’re growing up. You’ve started asking the tough questions that mommy can’t immediately answer.  And I know there’s more to come.  “Why do plants grow like that?”  or “What happens when someone dies? Do they go right to heaven?”

While I still think of you as my little sweet babe, every day you remind me more and more how you’re growing up.




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