Uncovering the past.

I like taking the occasional stroll down memory lane. Whether it’s seeing pictures of my parents or grandparents as children, finding an old writing assignment from elementary school or just something that was long forgotten in the back of the closet, it’s always fun to remember and reminisce.

We recently got new master bedroom furniture – look at us adulting – after many years of using hand me down wedding present furniture that belonged to my grandmother.  It had definitely seen better days with chipped corners, scratches and sweat rings.

When we packed up the dressers to take to Goodwill, I noticed a secret message scrawled on the back.



(can you faintly see it? – GM + KB  True Love)

I quickly wondered who it could be, given it was furniture used by my grandmother, mom and her siblings.  Narrowing the list based on the initials, I think it’s a secret love declaration to or from her brother – Gary Micheals.

Isn’t it fun to uncover secret messages from the past? I wonder who wrote it and who it was to.  I’m sure there’s a great story to go with the inscription.


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