Recipe: Pierogi Lasagna

I don’t know if you’ve ever had pierogies.  They’re polish dumplings with a pasta shell holding a mashed potato based filling.  They are delicious.  Of course, fresh, homemade ones are the best.

Making homemade pierogies was a holiday tradition in my mom’s house growing up and we’ve definitely had our share of these potato pockets over the years. But they take a ton of time and work.  The dough making, rolling, filling, boiling, etc. It’s like a 6 person job.

I saw someone post on social media about an attempt at turning pierogies into a quick lasagna and figured… sounds easy and delicious, I’ll bite. (Literally.)


Pierogi Lasagna:

White onion
ButterReady-bake lasagna noodles
Mashed potatoes  (I’d overmade a batch two nights before as the side dish for dinner with the plan that I’d use the leftovers for this.)
Shredded cheddar
Toppings: Green onion, bacon, sour cream

First slice your white onion and pan cook in melted butter until they get golden brown and soft. In the bottom of a 13×9 pan, I laid one single layer of lasagna noodles (uncooked). Then I splashed a few tablespoons of milk over the noodles.  I figured since they were uncooked they may need some extra moisture and I didn’t know how much the potatoes would give. Then drop dallops of mashed potatoes and spread them evenly over the noodles.  After that, sprinkle a thin layer of cheddar cheese and then a layer of your browned, buttery onions.

Repeat all layers two times.

Finish with a layer of noodles/milk then cheese and grilled onions. (And a sprinkle of green onion if you feel like it.)

I covered it in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight so that the uncooked noodles had some extra time to absorb the milk/moisture.  (I think if you needed it the same night you may want to use precooked noodles just in case. Wouldn’t want it to be crunchy!)

The next night I cooked at 350 for 30 mins.  This was right before we ate… it’s such an excellent shot!  We put a little green onion and sour cream on top but next time it would be awesome with some crumbled bacon bits.




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