He rides.

The unfortunate part of being little brother is that you always think you’re ready to do the big kid things.  And being left behind is often devastating!

For the past few years, Landon’s been old/big/strong enough to go with me on my runs. (He’s 6 now and started when he was 4.) He rides his bike and I run. I used to run ahead of him but now that boy is always 100 feet ahead of me.  And while we used to stick to short 3-4 mile rides when he was 4, he can now handle the 5-7 mile outing pretty well.  (Not that I like that distance very often, but he can do it.)

Well, now Brooks has been promoted to bike rider. I’ve seen him do enough in the driveway to feel good about his sidewalk skills. We’ve hit the road together a couple times now and he really does great. I’m sure his constant neighborhood biking with his brother in the evenings has helped his biking endurance!

On Mother’s Day, the two of us went out and Brooks did 3.75 miles without stopping.  The last half mile he wanted to get off and push his bike, but I cheered him on and told him we could get a smoothie at home and that was all the encouragement he needed to finish strong!


My view during the ride/run.


Post ride/run chocolate milk always makes us smile!

I’m so proud of my 4 year old boy for not giving up even when he was exhausted.  And I know that there will be many more rides to come! (Especially when Landon gets “demoted” for being too speedy! 😉  )


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